The Loan process

Here’s a simple guide to understanding the loan process and getting you into your home quicker!

mortgage loan process

Our 8-Step Process

  1. Contact Us Schedule a meeting with us and get credit pre-qualified to start the process to find out what loans you qualify for.

  2. Apply – Save time with our 100% online, paperless application that lets you securely connect your bank statements, tax records & income documentation in minutes. To give you a serious advantage over other buyers during the house shopping process, you'll receive a mortgage pre-approval letter that shows how much you're approved and qualified to borrow. Apply now

  3. Submitted – Once you've decided on your home, it's time to get the loan submitted to processing. Our processors will look over your application and documents and get everything ready to submit to underwriting.

  4. Underwriting – The underwriter will perform a thorough credit analysis and review supporting documentation. Additional documentation may be requested to support information based on the underwriter's guidelines. Ultimately, it is up to the underwriter to determine if the borrower is approved or denied.

  5. Conditional Approval – The underwriter may request additional documentation from you, known as conditions.

  6. Approved - Once the processor has obtained everything from the underwriter's conditional approval list, the file is sent back to underwriting for review. If the documents appease the underwriter, final approval is issued. A Closing Disclosure will be prepared and provided to all borrowers on the transaction. This document includes the loan terms, your projected monthly payments along with other costs.

  7. Closing / Clear to Close – When the approval is received from the underwriter, your Mortgage Specialist will notify all parties involved and the title company will coordinate the closing.

  8. Closed – Closing is the big day where all final documents are signed, closing costs are paid and you become the legal owner of the home.

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